Frequently Asked Questions

It has been referred to as a 'Throw bag on Steroids " It is a safety tool that can be used ANY time you need to get a GRIP on a victim in distress, on land or in the water.

Unlike a throw bag, ARM-LOC does NOT sink once it has been thrown. It is inherently buoyant to itself with 3 lbs. of buoyancy; you can even float it down a river.

The ARM-LOC also has high visible solas reflective tape, which is the same type as what the Coast Guard uses. The ARM-LOC also locks on the victim so there is no need for the victim to hold onto the rope. Plus, you will be able to float the ARM-LOC on top of the water.

Once the ARM-LOC is deployed, it has 18 lbs. of buoyancy. A single person is 7 lbs. in water, meaning (1) ARM•LOC can float (2) people.

1200 lbs. of tinsel strength. Which means, 1200 lbs. before the weakest link breaks which is the buckle.

ARM-LOC has 75 feet of 3/8" Sterling floatable line. Note: you do have the option of 100 and 150 feet at an additional cost, or any other size to fit your length needs.

The ARM-LOC is activated by 16 grams, 3/8" threaded Cadmium plated CO2 cartridges. Cadmium plated cartridges do not corrode and are environmentally friendly.

*Note: these cartridges are good in salt water, high temp of 285 degrees, -55 degrees below zero, and they do not expire.
*Note: these are NOT the same cartridges used in air guns as they are threaded.
*Note: the cartridges are a (1) TIME use ONLY

NO! The CO2 cartridges are a 1 time use only! They are indeed recyclable! So, once used, please dispose of them properly.

ARM-LOC has a built in Oral /nf/atorthat has a one check valve. (A one check valve means when you are blowing into the valve you will not get air back at you.) To use the Oral lnflator, simply blow in 1 ½breaths.Keep in mind, the ARM-LOC will not be as tight as if it were inflated with the CO2 cartridge, yet it still will have significant hold and pressure. It will float the victim with 16 lbs. of buoyancy. Advise the victim to still hold on to the ARM-LOC unit as it does not get as tight when you orally inflate it.

Go to our website and you can order more cartridges there. Distributors can order directly from Leland Gas at ARM-LOC's discount.

The ARM-LOC can get a tight grip on something as small as a pen, small child's arm, dog or animal. It self regulates to the size of the victim's arm. You can even put two arms in it. It holds at the same pressure regardless of the size of the arm, so it will not hurt the person.

We call this a "Go-To" Rescue. Put ARM-LOC on your OWN arm first with the YELLOW TAB facing YOUR BODY. Keep the yellow tab close to YOUR HEART. Reach out with your right hand as if you were shaking hands. Once you have hold of the victim's hand, with your opposite hand (which should be your left hand) grab the ARM-LOC's opposite end corner closest to the victim's upper arm-shoulder. Then, pull the ARM-LOC over the hand and arm of the victim. DO NOT to go past the elbow, if possible. This is so once the device is deployed, the victim may be able to help assist in their own rescue. Once the ARM-LOC is on the victim, continue to hold the ARM-LOC in place at the elbow with your left hand while you pull the yellow tab with your right hand. If need be, use your knee to push off or protect yourself from the victim if this is a water rescue.

After removing the protective cap on the oral inflator, push your finger tip into the green button on the end to deflate. Squeeze out all of the excess air so the ARM-LOC will be ready to put a larger arm in if needed.

***NEVER use ANY SHARP OBJECTS in the oral inflator's green button or the opposite end to deflate the ARM-LOC!!!

***REPLACE cap & keep ON at all times so it is not accidentally deflated.

  1. Try to avoid getting in the water
  2. Yell to the victim and demonstrate on land what you want them to do.
    1. "I am going to throw this to you." (Or possibly drop it from a drone.)
    2. "Put this on your arm!"
    3. "Pull the yellow tab!"
  3. Now that you have a positive grip on them, safely extract them how you deem fit.

*Even if they deploy the ARM-LOC before they get their arm inserted, they can be instructed to hang onto the ARM-LOC as it will be floating a ball!

  1. TARM-LOC is housed in a throw bag.
  2. Set the bag down.
  3. Step on the end of the rope sticking out at the bottom of the bag
    1. *Helpful Tip: while stepping on the end of the rope, have the opening of the bag facing the direction of your victim
  4. Grab the ARM-LOC on one corner and throw it past your victim.
  5. The ARM-LOC will float on the top of the water.
  6. Instruct them to put it on their arm & pull the YELLOW chord.
  7. Remember, these steps are a MUST to practicing! Practice, practice, practice!

This is why Connie Sylvester (CEO) created the ARM-LOC.

  1. Advise the victim to put on the ARM-LOC & pull the yellow tab.
  2. It is important to maintain control and grip on your victim while you establish a safe way to lift them on board the boat. **We do not recommend a high angle lift or rescue.
    1. **We do not recommend a high angle lift or rescue.
  3. ARM-LOC can help assure the victim stays put and does not go under the boat and into the motor.
  4. We hope that your crew or guests are already aware of what & how to use the ARM-LOC.

No! Use ARM-LOC anytime you need to get a positive grip on a victim in distress, on land or in the water!

Examples: Mountain side, grain elevators/silo rescue, ice rescue, man overboard, swimmer/lifeguard rescue, drag line for sail boat, confined space, urban rescue, active shooter extraction, and low angle rescue.

Yes, it is light enough (3 lbs.) to be dropped by a drone. You could use light weight rescue line of 500 feet or more. You can also attach it to an ice/rescue board, or the end of a pole. All environments are different. You will need to train and practice how best to use the ARM-LOC in all of your specific terrains.

  1. The ARM-LOC has a large opening, unlike other, throw bags. Simply, feed the line from one hand to the other into the large opening of the ARM-LOC bag. The ARM-LOC is now ready for the next rescue as the line will file back in the bag and will not tangle.
  1. Unscrew the old CO2 Cartridge. (It will have a hole in the top small part near the thread of the CO2 cartridge thus know it has been deployed and is no longer good.)
    1. ***THROW AWAY and NOT in the BAG!
  2. MUST PUSH IN the METAL PU LL Jerk to inflate arm for next use
    1. Arm will be in the UP position.
    2. Move it in and out to see how it works.
  3. Screw in NEW CO2 cartridge
    1. *If metal arm of CO2 cartridge is NOT IN, the CO2 cartridge will spray on you and it will be EXTREMELY COLD!
  4. Place the red flap over the device and push the Velcro strips together.

No, the victim does not loose circulation or feeling. Even though, they may say it seems like it, the capillaries are still able to function. The ARM-LOC can be on for as long as 3 hours. Yet, we hope the rescue does not require this length of time. *DO NOT put on a broken or injured arm.

Simply unbuckle and unzip the red cover and flotation pouch. Rinse out the bladder with light soap and warm water. Hang open to dry.

Then you will need to purchase a new ARM-LOC, as there is no product to sanitize/clean blood.

ARM-LOC is made in the USA! By High Energy Sports.

Not as of yet, as the ARM-LOC is so unique is does not fit into any of their current criteria categories or types.

The ARM-LOC itself is 100% USA MADE! It is also Berry Compliant, which means, it meets all requirements and can be purchased by the US military

Rope is the term you use when it used on Land and Line is a term when it is in the water.

Rapid Intervention Tearn used in fire & active shooter extraction. This is a team or person sent in to extract a victim.

  1. Avoid getting into the water
    1. Try throwing it out and giving them instructions ...
    2. "PUT this on, PU LL the yellow tab!"
  2. Crawl out on ice as FLAT as possible.
  3. Do the hand off method - Have on your arm, yellow tab towards your heart, shake victims hand and pull over their arm to the elbow and let go of you shaking hand (RIGHT) and pull yellow tab
  4. Roll out of the way
  5. Tap head to signal tender they are ready to be pulled in

12 Cadmium CO2 cartridges come with the complete package. You can also purchase extra CO2 cartridges. Re-order at (12) for $27.

It is a modified bag which has a convenient large, wide opening for ease of throwing the ARM-LOC and repacking the line. It includes pockets for storage of the extra CO2 cartridges.

***NEVER put EXPIRED/USED cartridges back in the bag!!!

Your arm is held in with the pressurized cuff and also a material called slip knot to help keep you in place once the ARM-LOC is deploted.

You can use it with or without the rope. You can use it without the rope to grab the victim with the handle.

Also, it helps when the rope and carabiner are being used to not stress a person's arm or shoulder as the carabiner will slid on the handle & find the path of least resistance

Hidden mollies near the plastic windows are for attaching a light or anything you deem fit. Please DO NOT attach high profile items or heavy objects.

We choose to use a non-locking carabiner to help get it off the rope easier. Plus it will not freeze as easy in below zero weather.

It may take up to 3-6 weeks. We will try to keep them in stock.

"it is a multi-purpose, easily transferable, compact & mobile device. I can easily take it to my squad, boar or snowmobile. I have it with me all year round. I frequently work alone in remote areas. This gives me an extra arm in many rescue scenarios. I highly recommend the ARM-LOC!" says MN DNR Covervation Officer, Sergeant Keith Olson of the Lake Superior Marine Unit

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